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Health benefits of using ginger in cooking:

Ginger is a flowering plant that originated in Southeast Asia. It’s amongthe healthiest and most delicious spices on the planet. it’s closely related toturmeric, cardamom, and galangal. Reduces Arthritis, headaches and menstrual cramps: Ginger helps with Arthritis, headaches, and menstrual cramps by reducingpain and inflammation. Several chemical compounds that increase jointinflammation.It has a warming effect …

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Masala Mixed Dal Chaat:

Masala mixed Dal Chaat😋😋😋 Ingredients:(250 gms) Greenmoongdal, urad Dal, peanuts, chickpeas, chana, Blackeyed peas, green peas. For tempering: Mustard seeds, turmeric, redchilli, curry leaves, coriander leaves, salt, oil Masala: Redchillies – 6Wet coconut powder – 1tbspJeera – 1tspCoriander seeds- 1tbspUrad Dal – 1tbspChana Dal- 1tbspToor dal – 1tbsp These masalas dry roast & grind it …

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Ingredients : Tamarind piece : 1 (small)Jaggery powder : 1tbspSalt : 1tspNarasimha foods turmeric powder : 1tspNarasimha foods cumin powder : 1tspGhee : 2tbspBlack pepper corns : 10Coriander leavesCurry leaves Procedure : First, soak d Tamarind with water for 30 mins. Then take d vessel, heat it in medium flame, add ghee 2tbsp, crushed blackpepper …


Benefits of using coconut oil in every day food:

Heart fitness: Coconut oil carries herbal saturated fat that increase HDL (appropriate)cholesterol levels in your body. There are sorts of cholesterol: high-densitylipoprotein (HDL), or exact cholesterol, and coffee-density lipoprotein (LDL), or awfulldl cholesterol. by increasing HDL, many specialists agree with that coconut oil can also increaseheart fitness in comparison with many different fat. often eating …

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Avarekalu Sundal

Ingredients: Avarekalu : 200 gmsGreen chillies : 8Coriander leavesCurry leaves : 10Turmeric : 1tspSalt : 1tsp Tempering : Oil : 3tbspMustard seeds : 2tspsHing : 1tsp Procedure: First, remove peel avarekalu. Boil it in pressure cooker in high flame in 3 whistles. Then switch off the flame. Cool it. Then strain d water. Boiled avarekalu …

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Black chanadal sundal

Black chanadal sundal😋😋😋 Ingredients : Black chanadal : 200gms Tempering:Oil : 4bspMustard seeds : 2tspsHing : 2tspsGreen chillies : 8Coriander leaves, curry leavesTurmeric : 1tspSalt : 1 1/2 tspCoriander leavesCurry leaves Procedure: First, clean d black chanadal, soak with water overnight. Keep aside. Then, strain d water, add fresh water in it. Boil it in …

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Groundnuts Sundal

Ingredients: Groundnuts : 200 gmsGreen chillies : 3Coriander leavesCurry leaves : 10Turmeric : 1tspSalt : 1tsp Tempering: Oil : 2tbspMustard seeds : 1tspHing : 1tsp Procedure: First, take d ground nuts, break it open d groundnuts, get d nuts. Keep aside. Then take d nuts, clean it well, add water, keep it in pressure cooker, …

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Serves : 3Time : 30 mins Ingredients: Green peas : 50 gmsGreenmoongdal : 50 gmsBlackeyed beans : 50 gmsBlack chickpeas : 50 gmsWet coconut powder : 2tbspGreen chillies : 10Turmeric : 1tspSalt : to taste For tempering: Oil : 2tbspHing : 1tspMustard seeds : 1tspCurry leaves : 10Coriander leaves : 1/2tsp Procedure : Fst soak …

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White chick peas sundal

Ingredients:white chick peas -250 gmsDry roasted coriander seeds, chana dal and 2 red chilies and grinded as a coarse powderGrated coconut 1 cupFor seasoning2 green chillies2 red chillies1 tsp mustard seeds1 arc of curry leavess5 Soak white chick peas for 8 hoursBoil it in pressure cooker . Allow it to whistle for 2 timesAfter the …

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Black channa dal sundal

1. Black channa dal: 1/4 kg2. Mustard – 1 tablespoon3.Half urad dal – 1 table spoon4.Dry chillies : 55.coconut : 3 tablespoon6.Coriander leaves- few7.Curry leaves : few8. Asafoetida- 1 pinch9. Oil- 5 table spoon Cooking Method: 1. Soak the Black channa dal over night, and keep in cooker for 9 whistle.(add little salt to taste) …

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