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One of the most renowned festivals of India is Navaratri. Observed in honour of Mother Godess Durga, this festival is celebrated for a period of 9 nights(ten days). 

Here at Narasimha Ballavaa we thought of making this event special by conducting a Tag your Sundal contest


When it comes to Navarathri the first thing that comes to our mind is Sundal and other savouries that accompany that. Visiting our friend’s place to see their golu and thereafter munching on the sundal is by far the most precious memory of every person. 

Why not tag your sundal and get rewarded?

What should I do to participate in the TAG YOUR SUNDAL CONTEST?

  1. The idea is very simple. Enjoy your sundal, take a picture of that, and tag it along with our Instagram page id @narasimhaballavafoods. 
  2. The fun doesn’t end there. Once you have tagged the sundal, visit our website and take up a quiz related to that particular day. Interesting isn’t it?
  3. This contest begins on 26th September 22 and ends on 4th October 2022. 9 days…9 different sundals…9 different quizzes..

Ok I have tagged my sundal and took part in the quiz. What do I Get?

Didn’t we mention it is a contest? Well! every contest will have some prizes and our TAG YOUR SUNDAL contest is nothing less. Top 5 winners will be selected based on the picture tagged and the quiz attended. We need you to send a screenshot of the tag and the quiz to our whatsapp number 9025233661. The winners will be allowed to attend a gala event at Narasimha Ballavaa foods and honoured on 10th October 2022. Stay tuned for this interesting contest and be the first to take part in it.

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