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Usefulness of Makhana for Boosting Immunity

Due to severe pandemic, people are taking many immunity booster medicines, having zinc, magnesium, protein concentrate etc. etc.

If you really are interested in boosting immunity, please eat few grams of un-fried makhana. It contains zinc 1 mg, magnesium 12.7 mg, potassium 48 mg, phosphorous 124 mg magnesium 1.25 mg, protein best quality (body absorbs more than 95%) 11-12 g per 100 g. It also contains Histidine 204 mg per gram of protein along with other 17 types of amino acids.

You may be knowing that Covishield Vaccine also contains L-Histidine. thus makhana not only may boost your immunity, but may also protect from Covid-19. Just start and see the effect in few weeks. There is no side effect. Fruits are indigenous too.

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