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Ingredients :

Tamarind piece : 1 (small)
Jaggery powder : 1tbsp
Salt : 1tsp
Narasimha foods turmeric powder : 1tsp
Narasimha foods cumin powder : 1tsp
Ghee : 2tbsp
Black pepper corns : 10
Coriander leaves
Curry leaves

Procedure :

First, soak d Tamarind with water for 30 mins.

Then take d vessel, heat it in medium flame, add ghee 2tbsp, crushed blackpepper corns, saute it well. It becomes golden brown color. Then add coriander & curry leaves. Then switch off d flame. Keep aside.

Then take another vessel, heat it in medium flame, add tamarind juice, add sufficient water, jaggery, cumin powder, salt, turmeric, tempered one black pepper corns & coriander leaves & curry leaves, mix it well. Boil it well. Then switch off d flame. Black pepper rasam ready. Serve it with hot rice. So tasty 😍😍. Enjoy ❤️❤️❤️

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